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Movie Recommendation Monday: A Knight's Tale

Posted on October 29, 2018 at 7:35 PM

Why I Love It: Because it's the best movie ever! That's why! I love this movie so much I could write forever about it, but I'll keep it brief. I like rom-com movies and I like jousting and medieval stuff and this movie has all that. And as I've gotten older I realize how not shitty this movie treats its women. Yeah, William can be a little sexist and his squires make some stupid remarks, but Jocelyn decides what she's going to do with herself regardless of what the men around her say. And despite one remark about being a fairy, no one ever questions Kate's right to be a badass blacksmith. This movie also paints the middle ages in a more carefree way. I mean, it wasn't great to be a peasant, but they still partied, it wasn't all Crusades and wars with France. And for a movie that includes David Bowie in the soundtrack there are some period appropriate jokes stuck in there. Gah! I love this movie in all its weird glory.

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